Bone Scan in Mumbai




What is Bone scan?

A bone scan can often find a problem days to months earlier than a regular X-ray test. In a bone scan the tracer travels through your bloodstream and into your bones. Areas that absorb little or no amount of tracer appear as dark or “cold” spots. This could show a lack of blood supply to the bone or certain types of cancer.
Areas where bone growth is fast absorb more tracer and shows up as bright or “hot” spots in the reports. Hot spots may point to problems such as arthritis, a tumor, a fracture, or an infection.

Preparing for the scan:

  • There is no special preparation required
  • After the injection is given to the patient, it is advised to stay well hydrated
  • If in doubt about pregnancy, women patients should do a pregnancy test. If positive, Nuclear Medicine is generally not recommended
  • Lactating women should pump and store their breast milk before a Nuclear Medicine scan. It is safe to breastfeed the child 24 hours after the scan
  • Wear comfortable clothing and avoid jewellery on the day of the scan


What to bring on the day of the scan:

  • Doctor’s prescription or note indicating the type of scan to be done
  • Entire current medical file and prescription set, to be aware of  any medical conditions and allergies, including details of treatment history
  • All relevant previous reports and scan images ( fracture/trauma/fall, reports of cancer)
  • Only one accompanying person is recommended
  • Home-cooked food for the patient to eat after the scan


Time taken:

  • Total time: 4 -5 hrs approx
  • Waiting time after injection: 3 hrs
  • Scan duration: 15-30 mins


After the scan:

  • Patients can eat, drink and take medication.
  • Patient is required to wait in the clinic for approximately half an hour after the scan, till the concerned staff confirms. 
  • It is best for the patient not to be close to children or pregnant women for the rest of the day to avoid exposing them to any radiation. 
  • The radiotracer leaves the patient’s body through urine or stool till 10-12 hours after the scan. Patients should drink a lot of water to help flush it out.
For appointment call 8869906990 or write at atleast 1-2 days prior to the required date of appointment.
(We may consider taking in walk-in patients if another scheduled patient has cancelled depending on the type of scan. So do check in with our reception and our billing executives at our centre)


Important Note:

  • We may have to cancel and reschedule your appointments at times because of reasons beyond our control – short-supply or no supply of the isotope used for the scan, machine breakdowns, etc. 
  • As we have no control over this situation, Medcare Diagnostics would not be held liable for any harm or loss arising out of such cancellations