What is a Color Doppler?

The Doppler Ultrasound machine has high-end transducers that capture your blood flow in color, allowing your doctor to quickly spot the aberrations in blood flow caused by tumors, issues in your blood vessels, infections or other harmful abnormalities.
During a Doppler ultrasound, a small hand-held device (transducer) is pressed against the area of the skin which requires examination and moved along to cover the area as required.

Why have I been asked to get a Color Doppler done?

Color Doppler scan is performed to:
  • Check the blood flow of a pregnant woman and her baby
  • Diagnose gallbladder disease
  • Evaluate flow in blood vessels
  • Guide a needle for biopsy or tumor treatment
  • Evaluate a breast lump
  • Check your thyroid gland
  • Evaluate the flow in your heart vessels
  • Diagnose some forms of infection
  • Diagnose some forms of cancer
  • Reveal abnormalities in the genitalia and prostate area
  • Evaluate abnormalities of the muscles 


Names of Previous reports/scans required?

  • Previous ultrasound scans for the same problem, if any
  • Doctor’s note for the scan


How long is the procedure for?

  • Total time – 1 hr 
  • On table time – 30 mins 


Can I walk in for a Color Doppler test without prior appointment?

  •  Yes (Confirm by calling on 8869906990 before arriving at the centre)


 History of allergy?



How is the test done?

  • Details of any significant medical history or surgery should be mentioned before the test.
  • Once the patient is settled on the table a special gel is applied on the area of the body which needs to be tested
  • Then a transducer is moved over the gel area
  • The device sends sound waves into your body which causes the blood flow to change.
  • This is recorded and turned into images or graphs
  • The test takes a total time of an hour 
  • Once the recording is done you can wipe the gel from your body and await the report.